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Shovel breaking ground in soil

Spring Planting 101: How to Start Your Garden

I’ve been entertaining the garden idea for years. In our previous home, the purpose of the backyard was to give our little boys a place to run and play freely, and provide our friends with a gathering spot for burgers and cold beer.
Lynn Steiner's 1898 red farmhouse is surrounded by lush and colorful greenery.

Lynn Steiner on Gardening with Native Plants

Lynn Steiner talks about her love for native plants, and how beneficial they are for gardens and pollinators around the world.
Pollinator Friendly Gardening Book Cover

Learn How to Plant a Pollinator-Friendly Garden

'Friendly Gardening: Gardening for Bees, Butterflies and Other Pollinators,’ a new book by Rhonda Hayes, helps you be a conscientious gardener