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Jordana Green Children

Episode 3: The Green-Grossfield Project – This House Sucks

“This House Sucks”. That was the kids’ take on the house. They hated it. It was already a tough sell to get them to want to move from their childhood home in Eden Prairie to a tiny rambler in St. Louis Park. When they saw what we purchased, I almost had a mutiny on my hands.
Foundation and structure of Green-Grossfield project

Episode 2: The Green-Grossfield Project – Broken Basement

We bought this house for the lot. It sits across the street from Cedar Lake, eight minutes from downtown and next to a city lot that is undeveloped. There are mature trees, it's close to our synagogues, and many of our friends live in the neighborhood.
Green Grossfield Project Online House Lisitng

Episode 1: The Green-Grossfield Remodel from Beginning to End

This 1947 rambler is a lot like Marc and me. It's been around a while, had some fabulous years, had some hard ones, and was ready for a new beginning. You may know Marc as the founder of AVIV 613 Vodka.
Green Grossfield Project Promo Screencap

Preview of The Green Grossfield Project

Join Twin Cities radio host Jordana Green and Aviv Vodka CEO Marc Grossfield as they take on a major transformation of a Twin Cities home.