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Catching Up With the Fox Family

Heather and Brad Fox have it all going on, and neither a pandemic nor an early winter are slowing them down. Realtors and designers...

The Fox Approach

Photos by Wing TaBrad Fox says he met his wife Heather at a concert on New Year’s Eve, then quickly admits it was actually...
Heather and Brad Fox of Fox Homes sitting on a kitchen counter.

Heather and Brad Fox of Fox Homes Pilot Stay or Sell

Minneapolis real estate and renovation team Heather and Brad Fox are hoping to be the next big stars on HGTV. The pilot of their...
Heather and Brad Fox of Fox Homes

HGTV Airs Pilot with Minnesota Real Estate/Renovation Duo

Minnetonka-based Fox Homes real estate/renovation duo hopes to be HGTV's newest stars with their pilot "Stay or Sell" launching July 9.