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Get the Look: Shades of Summer

[icon name="magic" class="getlookicon"] The palette and textures of a just-budding landscape give this nook a dreamy ambiance.
Ideas to Steal Golden Rorschach

Idea to Steal: Golden Rorschach Wall

An abstract print makes for a bold statement wall.

Get the Look: Bold Blue Kitchen

[icon name="magic" class="getlookicon"] Blues, yellows, and stainless steel go together perfectly in this colorful kitchen. Learn how to get the look.

Get the Look: Nautical Home Essentials

[icon name="magic" class="getlookicon"] Bring the sea to your home with these nautical-themed home essentials.

Get the Look: Poolside Picks

[icon name="magic" class="getlookicon"] Beat the heat with cold drinks and a cool pool.

Get the Look: Backyard Glow

[icon name="magic" class="getlookicon"] After sundown, summer light is all about soft and sexy.

Get the Look: Surf’s Up

[icon name="magic" class="getlookicon"] Cool down with summer's hottest hues. Get the look

Get the Look: Fall Picnic Road Trip

[icon name="magic" class="getlookicon"] Hit the road for autumn adventures. Learn how to get the look.

Get the Look: Tyrol Twist

[icon name="magic" class="getlookicon"] Get the look of this beautiful bathroom.

Get the Look: Holiday Glam

[icon name="magic" class="getlookicon"] Welcome the holiday season with shimmer and shine.

Get the Look: Northern Exposure

[icon name="magic" class="getlookicon"] NYC wallpaper maker Trove is hot off the press.

Get the Look: Coffee Craft

[icon name="magic" class="getlookicon"] Our coffee inspiration roundup will leave you fully caffeinated.

Get the Look — Industrial Chic Bathroom

[icon name="magic" class="getlookicon"] Powder baths get an edge from basic black.

Plum Perfect—Get the Look

Layer on color and texture for cozy autumn nights

Reuse Art By Al Wadzinski

Minneapolis artist Al Wadzinski transforms found objects into extraordinary works.

Creature Comforts: Animal Décor For The Home

Quirky animal-inspired décor found in the Twin Cities.

Create the Perfect Juice—Get the Look

Make healthy, vitamin-packed treats from the bounty of the garden (or the market)

Outdoor Enjoyment—Get the Look

Time to kick back and relax outdoors this summer. Learn how to get this beach-chic look.

Patio Picnic Essentials—Get the Look

We round up the best patio picnic essentials for a perfect party.

Get Inspired for Your Next Kitchen Cleaning

Want a mean clean? Get inspired with these sleek items for the kitchen.