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Get the Look: Valentine’s Day

Photo by Janelle Olson || Styling by Jocelyn KrackeRound faux fur pillow, $30, pink and gold knob, $28/pair, glass knob, $20/pair, Anthropologie Heart...

The Ice Wrangler’s Guide to Making Luminaries

https://vimeo.com/304511496Call her the ice wrangler, the iceologist, the ice conjurer. All describe Jennifer Shea Hedberg’s art and craft: She creates luminaries, lanterns, flowers, towers,...
metal straws in front of greenery

Reusable Straws: The New Norm

Because of Starbucks' pledge to go (single-use) strawless by 2020, and Seattle's ban on straws shortly preceding it, the issue of plastic straws has...
Creative Holiday Garland

Ten Great Garlands

Fun and creative garland ideas that look fresh for the winter holidays.
beverage dispenser

Countertop Beverage Dispensers

Countertop beverage dispensers that keep hydration beautifully top-of-mind during the hottest days of summer.