2016 Luxury Remodeling Tour: Wooden Dreams

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2016 Tour: Wooden Dreams

Wooden Dreams Remodel at 657 Broadway Street South

Wooden Dreams Logo

Age of the home: Built in 1875
Type of remodel: Whole-house renovation with two additions
Remodeling timeline: 18 months
Before: The homeowners didn’t like the home’s orientation to the river, and wanted to make the space truly theirs while keeping the character of the original home. The goal was to maximize space, create an open flow from room to room, and capitalize on those amazing river views.
Challenges: The third floor had an exposed hand-built truss integrated into the layout, and the fourth floor belfry tower needed to be saved. The end result? A beautifully salvaged and recreated modernized architectural jewel.
Unique elements: The homeowner, a Lift Bridge Brewing Company co-owner, had the Lift Bridge logo inlaid in the third floor, leading to the patio, with bird’s eye views of Stillwater.

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