2016 Luxury Remodeling Tour: Hagstrom Builder

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2016 Tour: Hagstrom Builder

Hagstrom builders bathroom remodel with marble and tile

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Age of the home: Built in 1951
Type of remodel: Main floor and master bathroom overhaul, with additional minor cosmetic improvements
Remodeling timeline: Eight months
Remodeling budget: $250,000
Before: There were issues with the height of the main floor, and the interior design was extremely outdated.
Challenges: The existing electric was installed incorrectly in many areas of the home. The galvanized water lines had exceeded their lifespan and needed to be replaced. The main floor structure needed to be reframed where the new wood flooring was installed. These updates resulted in a much safer home.
Unique elements: An intricate refinished parquet floor, black stair railing, creative design, and fine craftsmanship.

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