2015 Luxury Remodeling Tour: Detail Design + Build

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2015 Tour: Detail Design + Build

Detail Design + Build After Kitchen


Age of the home: 59 years

Type of remodel: Whole-house remodel

Remodeling timeline: 10 months

Remodeling budget: $900,000

Before: Closed-off rooms, poor traffic flow, outdated interior.

Challenges: A portion of the roof was vaulted, creating engineering obstacles. Issues were solved by adding footings, beams, and continuous posts from the ridgeline to the basement.

Unique elements: The powder room with aqua floral paper on the ceiling and faux wood wallpaper evokes a 1950s vibe. It’s a fun, playful room in an otherwise sophisticated home, adding just the right amount of flair.

After: The 6,300-square-foot rambler is open and airy without feeling cavernous. It has more light, color, and character than before, with a floor plan perfect for entertaining.

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