Designers Up Close 2014


A rug here, a couch there, but what painting will tie it all together? What lighting? What accessories? What color scheme? What’s the best way to improve traffic flow? If you’re the type of person who feels anxiety over DIY interior design (you know what you like but you don’t know how to bring it all together, so you simply give up rather than tackle the daunting task alone), then it might be time to hire a professional designer. Fortunately for us, the Twin Cities metro is full of innovative, creative, and well-connected designers making names for themselves on a local and national scale. Whether revamping just one room or overhauling your entire home, they can help you love the space you’re in.

Che-Bella_Kitchen_X  Che Bella Interiors

LiLu_Dining_X   Lilu Interiors

Sale-Room_Sharon-Clasen_Porch_X  The Sale Room @ IMS

Twist_Dining_X  Twist Interior Design

Chester-Hoffman_Entry_X  Chester Hoffman & Associates

Eminent_Bearpath_Bedroom_X  Eminent Interior Design

Fusion_Kitchen_X  Fusion Designed LLC

Grace-Hill_Living_X  Grace Hill Design

Katie-Bassett_KBI-Design_X  KBI Design Studios

Letitia-Little_Bedroom_X  Letitia Little Design

Mint_Lalim-Master_X  mint

RLH_Sweeny-Living_X  RLH Studio

Talla-Skogmo_Fisher-Kitchen_X  Talla Skogmo Interior Design

Che Bella Interiors, Lilu Interiors, The Sale Room @ IMS, Twist Interior Design, Chester Hoffmann & Associates, Eminent Interior Design, Fusion Designed LLC, Grace Hill Design, KBI Design Studios, Letitia Little Design, mint, RLH Studio, Talla Skogmo Interior Design

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