5 Things to Add to Your Cabin Kitchen

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Cabin kitchens usually have a lot of stuff…9 bottle openers, 7 mismatched corn cob holders, knives that haven’t been sharpened since the 80’s, a few rusty can openers and a bunch of coffee mugs that were too ugly to keep at home and/or were freebies from fun-runs, work conferences, or emblazoned with loons, moose or other lake-y motifs. Often it’s not the stuff that would make cabin days easy and more fun. Here are a few ideas for tools that should make the cut.

Fish Spatula

A good strong metal spatula that won’t melt if left on the edge of the pan is a key tool for any kitchen.  A fish spatula is even better because it’s flexible and fits in and around all size pans. Use it for grilled cheese, chicken cutlets, pancakes, or if your lucky enough to catch some lake fish, walleye in grandma’s cast iron pan.


Wusthof Gourmet Offset Slotted Spatula $44.80
Wusthof Gourmet Offset Slotted Spatula, $44.80



A muddler gently smashes herbs, citrus and fruit for flavorful cocktails, i.e., summer favorites like gin and tonics, mojitos or flavored sparkling water. It also comes in handy to grind up baby aspirin to slip into the dog’s food after a long day of fetching and swimming. A wood muddler is a great tool to have on hand.

Bamboo Wood Cocktail Muddler, $9.98
Bamboo Wood Cocktail Muddler, $9.98


Unbreakable Platters

The name of the game at the cabin is ease. Family style dining, build-it-yourself sandwich stations, taco bars, piles of pancakes or watermelon wedges are as easy as it gets and require large serving vessels. Big melamine platters are lightweight, unbreakable and sturdy enough to go from table to boat and back again.

Rustic Melamine Platter, $19.96
Rustic Melamine Platter, $19.96

Kitchen Shears

To open packages of salad greens, potato chips and peanuts in the shell. To cut a piece of rope to use as a clothesline, snip wildflowers for the table, pry a beach toy out of hateful hard plastic packaging or cut strips of newspaper for impromptu papier-mache to keep little hands busy. A sturdy pair of kitchen shears is a no-brainer.


Kershaw shears, $27.55
Kershaw Shears, $27.55


Extra Glasses

Where do all the glasses go? They break or go missing on the boat, become vessels for fresh picked raspberries, or terrariums for tiny toads or earthworms and left in places you might not discover until next year. Extra unbreakable glasses in pretty colors are never a bad idea at the lake.

Aqua Acrylic Glasses, $3.95 - $4.95
Aqua Acrylic Glasses, $3.95 – $4.95

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