Unwrapping Joy With Giftywrap

Giftywrap celebrates diversity and the Midwest’s warm spirit with holiday wrapping paper

Photos courtesy of Giftywrap

Mahogany Ellis-Crutchfield’s curated selection of holiday wrapping paper celebrates diversity and unity.

For Mahogany Ellis-Crutchfield, gifting is the most joyful part of the holiday season. Founder of Minnesota-based Giftywrap, she brings inclusivity and Midwest flair to holiday wrapping paper. “I had difficulty finding wrapping paper and other celebration products that represented the Black community,” she explains, “but as I dove in, I realized there needed to be more representation of many cultures.”

At Giftywrap, the team works by the mantra “Gift Joy, Get Joy,” which is echoed through every product and design. The company specializes in creating unique, exclusive wrapping paper that embraces inclusivity and “you betcha” spirit. From vibrant patterns to heartwarming illustrations, each design is a testament to the rich traditions that make up our communities. Local and small artists pore their talent into each creation, ensuring that every gift is wrapped with a piece of art. giftywrap.com

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