Tips & Tricks: Designing Custom Furniture

Midwest Home Editor Katelyn Bloomquist shares her tips and tricks for shopping custom furniture

Photo courtesy of Adobe Stock/New Africa

Midwest Home Editor Katelyn Bloomquist recently ordered custom furniture from Interior Define, one of the Galleria’s newest home furnishings destinations. Here’s what she learned along the way:

Consider your lifestyle. As clean as a classic, snow-white sectional looks, children and pets might not agree to be as careful with colorful markers or tracking in mud as you would prefer.

Measure, and then measure again. Be sure to leave enough space for side and coffee tables, ottomans, and well, your legs.

Consider fabrics like linen, cotton, performance weaves, or velvet instead of boucle or sherpa. Although the latter two are hot picks, it’s arguably a better investment to stay simple with bigger purchases sure to be used for years to come.

Sink deeper and lounge longer. Splurge on an extra few inches of depth if designing a sofa, loveseat, or accent chair.

Sometimes, bigger is better. Opt for an oversized selection to cash in on the cozy comforts that make your house feel like home.

Mix and match your fabrics. Bloomquist opted for a pigment-dyed Marlow leather accent chair and two sets of the Marlow two-seat sofa in a slub weave fabric, all of which feature matte-black feet.

Add texture, comfort, and your personal flair. In the Bloomquist household, fluffy, textured oversized pillows and art deco-influenced accents in black, cream, and brown add style and softness to the open floor plan.

Photo courtesy of Adobe Stock/ArtStage

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