The Collective: Scent and Psyche

Scent and Psyche strives to create emotional experiences through carefully curated fragrance collections

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Confessed candle addict, Christie Wells began hand-pouring candles with scents she loved in 2020, and by January of 2021, Scent & Psyche was an official business. After years in product development and brand building, she was able to create and launch her candle business, fulfilling the need for affordable luxury candles. Wells blends scents that are rooted in nature and evoke emotion in our lives, reminiscing on certain times and places. The name Scent & Psyche reminds us that scent engages both sides of the brain and has the power to transport us through time and locale.

Her luxury candles offer a clean burn, natural waxes, and lasting scent. In addition to her signature library of candle scents, Wells develops seasonal candles to help celebrate and revel the season and holidays at hand.

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