The Collective: Megan Bell Art

Minnesota painter Megan Bell uses her love of music to inspire colorful works based on life experiences

Photos courtesy of Megan Bell Art

“You Can’t Simply Stand There and Hope For the Best”

There is a gentle nostalgia and “quiet chaos in frenzy” to the representative and abstract works of Megan Bell. This mother of two has been at her easel for over 30 years, finding artistic balance between life and her colorful paintings. She finds inspiration in everything—from roadside pie shops to works of jazz. In fact, it’s the music that moves her and her brush in rhythm. (She admits she would have been a rockstar in another life and describes herself as “a musician who unwittingly became a painter.”) Her works can be found in homes and corporate settings alike, and each offers the viewer a moment to reflect and escape to their own beat. “My paintings of the last two decades have become visual interpretations of the music I wish I could play,” Bell says. “It turns out, weaving my love of music with my passion for color and composition is a compromise I can live with.”

“Up North” Series
“A Glimmer of Hope”

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