The Collective: Jeff Sorensen

Jeff Sorensen combines elements of classic fine art with his own rebel spirit to create unique, one-of-a-kind glassworks

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Jeff Sorensen’s glass creations have a certain rebel spirit melded with the finesse of a fine artist. Inspired by a Chihuly exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Art while attending Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD), the self-proclaimed glass pusher left his educational path in painting to study glasswork. His Swedish training set him forth to create since 1999, and now his works—from large scale installations that anchor a room’s aesthetic to tabletop decor—can be found in collectors’ homes. Sorensen explains, “I still create small pieces because there is power in holding a piece of glass art.” He has stepped away from the blowpipe, and now works with glass in its fluid state to create unique glass sculptures. Unlike other mediums, glass work must be done from start to finish—you cannot redo or come back to it later. In his words, “It’s hot, fast, and takes your whole body to create, and I love that.” His TikTok molten-glass pour-over videos have garnered new eyes on his work and introduced many to his wild spirit.

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