The Collective: Ashtyn Sibinski

Abstract painter and collage artist Ashtyn Sibinski creates colorful works that bring style and personality to the canvas

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The beautiful randomness of Ashtyn Sibinski’s artwork is inspiring and thought-provoking. Known for her comforting color palettes that change with the season, her art is an extension of her mood at hand. From her studio in the Northrup King Building, she finds safety in making art and loves the repetitiveness of her creative process. The comfort she finds in painting is shared by her admirers who find an escape through her collage work. A creative across many mediums, she spends her days making tile dreams come true for clients at Mercury Mosaics, where she leads a team of design consultants. Her paintings, home goods, and collage work are for those who appreciate color, pattern, and personality in their art.

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