Shopping Spotlight: Evergreen Collective

Evergreen Collective introduces sustainable retail to Grand Avenue

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For beautiful home items with an even more beautiful message, pop into Evergreen Collective—Grand Avenue’s newest one-stop shop for environmentally conscious home essentials. From zero-waste cleaning products like Skosh cleaning tablets and Meliora Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub to home and garden items including throw blankets and garden jars, the St. Paul home goods destination not only provides a stylish take on sustainability but also puts both the customer and quality of production first: “I wanted a spot I could go to get necessities that align with my values, both fair labor and environmental responsibility,” says Owner Taylor Hall, who was motivated to launch Evergreen Collective after learning more about supply chains and the countless labor, human, and environmental abuses that occur throughout them.

The shop, which opened last fall, promises customers high-quality items from businesses—like Ethical Global, Rusty & Ellie, and Bee’s Wrap—that also follow ethical manufacturing practices, aiming to keep product sourcing as transparent and easily accessible as possible. Even better? Evergreen Collective partners with TerraCycle, a business that upcycles hard-to-get-rid-of items, transforms the pieces, and sells them to manufacturers to use in lieu of raw materials.

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