Ruth Artistry & Décor Blends Boho Chic With a Touch of Wanderlust

Ruth Artistry & Décor’s down-to-earth aesthetic shines bright through its handmade home goods—from wall art and baskets to throw blankets and pillows

Photos provided by Ruth Artistry & Décor

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Lars & Victoria

Ruth Artistry & Décor crafts lifestyle goods that sit somewhere in the middle of cabin chic, balancing bohemian craft with pure wanderlust. The company is named after Biblical figure, Ruth, who stands for companionship, friendship, and vision of beauty—all of which are traits that founders Victoria and Lars Bichrt bring to their business. Victoria, a trained artist, is the maker behind the macramé goods and paintings. Meanwhile, husband Lars is the woodworker who brings Victoria’s ideas to life.

The company offers everything from beeswax candles, cutting boards, and throw blankets to flowerpots, wall art, and pillows—all in a neutral, down-to-earth aesthetic that speaks to 2022 and its current trends. Our favorites include the Morgan basket (currently sold out, but check back soon for additional stock), white fabric tree (perfect for winter and currently 30 percent off), Mustard Rising Sun painting, and Lexa wall hanging.

The couple wants each piece to hold a treasured spot in the homes of their shoppers. Like Ruth’s dedication to her friends, many of the couple’s pieces are named for people close to them who hold a special place in their hearts. Victoria and Lars find inspiration in the season with respect to nature’s bounty. Dedicated to working with zero waste, all macramé goods are crafted using upcycled cotton fabrics from the garment industry, which are then spun into cording.

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