Pikka Design Co. Creates Custom and Affordable Wood Tables

This St. Louis Park company is making waves with its affordable, sustainable, and customizable wood table tops and bases

Given how much time is spent around a dining table, it ought to be a good one. If you’ve been struggling to find a hardwood table that balances high quality and low cost, look no further than the sustainably sourced designs offered by Pikka Design Co. Made with reclaimed wood, the tables are crafted from stone and wood from old, torn down buildings in villages of western China. Available in a range of finishes and sizes with preserved weather grooves and old joinery, the tables are full of character and customizable features. “Because any of our bases can go on any of our tops, we can build your custom design immediately,” founder Andy Higgins says. “I’m trying to figure out how we can make authentic and unique things available to everybody.”

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