Now Open: Story & Teller

New Minneapolis home and lifestyle boutique opens April 1

Photos courtesy of Story & Teller  

If you’re looking for a new spot to feed your decor obsession, make way to Story & Teller—the latest home and lifestyle boutique to hit Minneapolis on April 1. Offering a curated collection of products and services—from decor, textiles, and kitchen goods to interior styling consultations and services, Story & Teller, perhaps unsurprisingly, begins with exactly that: a story.

Photo courtesy of Story & Teller

In fact, its inception starts with the tale of Founder Rachel Cafferty herself—depicting a personal journey that started in the marketing field, despite an unconditional love of and draw to all things home. “As I was growing up, I spent much of my free time drawing entirely inconceivable floor plans, obsessively flipping through home catalogs, building houses on Sims, or rearranging my bedroom until 2 a.m.,” says Cafferty, who enjoyed her marketing career but “still felt perpetually drawn to work in the home industry.” The past eight years were spent seeking professional opportunities that would help her pivot into the world of design—from freelance styling projects and working with a Los Angeles designer to working at home decor shop, Golden & Pine, in Kansas City.

It was here where Cafferty saw the magic of design firsthand and was encouraged by the owner, Stephanie, to pursue her dream of opening her own store. “I learned she had formerly been a nutritionist but similarly felt her calling was in the home design world,” Cafferty says. “Although she officially closed her shop this past year to transition into full-time design work, her journey provided me with essential confidence that I can also take my background and apply myself in a field that speaks to my soul.”

These myriad experiences have not only fueled her passion but also provided her with the knowledge and expertise needed to succeed in the competitive home furnishings market with a unique ethos and mission: a focus on the connection between creators and customers. “Most companies intentionally shield you from the people behind their products because mass production leads to systems of harm, whether with unfair wages, unsafe working conditions, or environmental hazards,” Cafferty says. “By sharing the talented makers behind our collection, I believe we can create a shopping experience that goes beyond mere transactions and fosters a sense of purpose as customers align their style with their values.”

Cafferty also offers design services through her new venture. “Each of my styling service packages was created with my own style journey in mind,” she explains. “I think ‘The Mid’ package in particular is such a great offering because it provides a customized visual for clients to create the final look at their own pace. … ‘The Mid’ allows clients to receive a personalized room design with their desired aesthetic and full flexibility to complete it as their budget and time permit.”

The aesthetic of Story & Teller—refined, organic, and unexpected—comes to the forefront when one enters the store, situated on North Second Street in the North Loop. “[It] leans into natural beauty with ample neutrals and texture, but there will always be those little pops of playfulness and whimsy sprinkled throughout our store,” Cafferty says. The actual product selection, though, is informed by her personal and professional values: “I want to intentionally break the cycle of chasing trends and instead focus on sourcing pieces that can be cherished for years to come thanks to their timeless appearance and premium quality.”

This goal aligns with her dedication to sustainability and longevity. “Incorporating sustainability and eco-friendly practices into our business is not just a priority but also a fundamental ethos that drives our operations,” she says. “We intentionally partner with artisans and small businesses who share our commitment to protecting our planet. Each product is superiorly crafted using handmade or small-batch methods, which not only reduces waste in production but also increases the longevity of the item. This core focus is accompanied by smaller efforts like reusing packaging, opting for recyclable or reusable materials, and sourcing materials locally whenever possible.”

As with any new venture, Cafferty expects challenges—especially in generating awareness for Story & Teller as a small business—but she’s not backing down. She has big plans, working to expand the services side of her business and transform the storefront into a community hub for design enthusiasts, offering workshops, pop-ups, and other events.

“I ultimately felt most called to create a hybrid business with retail and services, allowing me to not only share beautiful, handmade products with individuals but also help those who want even further guidance in curating their spaces,” Cafferty says. “Whether you are shopping for your own home or a gift for a loved one, you deserve to feel that spark of joy in knowing you found something truly special. I think the personal feel our space allows will help to create that moment for each visitor.”

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