Nine Spooky Shops for Halloween-Inspired Miniatures

Miniature dollhouses provide the perfect opportunity to incorporate a touch of spooky interior design in small, yet sensational way

Photos provided by Susan Clark of MiniMélange

Few things evoke the comfort of childhood like designing a miniature dollhouse. The dainty pursuit allows for mature make-believe, which was a godsend during gloomy months spent inside during the pandemic. For me, the interest sparked as a means to connect more intimately with my mother, whose artsy know-how astounds me. From finding my style to furnishing the spaces, creating something of my own is therapeutic.

But for myself and others, miniature homes are so much more than scaled-down self-care. This is the season for autumn-inspired décor, and dollhouses provide the perfect opportunity to incorporate a touch of spooky interior design in small yet sensational way. So, if you’re looking to pick up a hobby this Halloween, these wickedly good retailers are among my favorites for teeny-tiny treats.


While some miniature hobbyists craft their tiny spaces from scratch, selections from MiniMélange are ideal for beginners just looking to decorate. The company offers one-of-a-kind statement pieces, like this bloody curio cabinet, and smaller adornments, like this Jack-o’-lantern kit. Whether your concept is a crime scene or pumpkin carving, these miniatures will add frightful flair to any haunted dollhouse.

My Miniature Emporium

With a specialty in farmhouse miniatures, expect less tricks and more treats from My Miniature Emporium. The Halloween Entryway package includes all the décor and furnishings from the most recent collection, including an etched arch stained glass pane and pack of black bats. (These skeletal portraits of a dearly departed couple are my favorite.)

Mountain Miniatures  

No haunted house is complete without its ghastly accessories, and when it comes to dollhouse furnishings, Mountain Miniatures is one online source with a large catalogue of creepy creations. From a mahogany coffin to a crystal ball, these products are handcrafted musts for a funeral parlor or fortune teller’s table. There are more cutesy minis, too—just check out the trio of gourds, which are great additions to a harvest scene.

The Dainty House

To make the harvest a bountiful one, the Dainty House has cupcakes, candy apples, and cookies that look good enough to eat. True to the brand name, these confections are 1:12 scale. (In other words, this is my way to bake without burning my apartment kitchen down.)

Living Little Studio

Sent from the Smoky Mountains is décor that brings happiness to Halloween dollhouses—haunted or not. If you’re looking for gore and guts, you won’t find it here. Instead, I picked this shop for its 1:12 scale fall hutch, designed in autumn colors and decorated with flowers.

Mini Minutia

If you seek the finest of details, such as tombstones modeled after wooden grave markers from the Wild West, Mini Minutia has plenty of products to explore. Owner Tina MacDonald lists over 200 wallpapers on her Etsy shop, and among those mesmerizing miniatures are fantastic finds for Halloween, like this spider-like print.


For other prints, tarot cards and spell books are in high demand at ALCHEMYis, where everything is handmade. After all, the scariest thing about a haunted mini mansion won’t be ghosts but a lack of a library.

Haunted Stories

This online store is serious about scares. Scrolling through the Haunted Stories page on Etsy will make you feel like you’re in a mad scientist’s lair with alchemy apparatuses and anatomical anomalies. This realistic, faux bearskin rug caught my eye.

Freak Show Couture

Speaking of mad scientists, Freak Show Couture on Etsy has a laboratory in stock, featuring glass bottles that are mysteriously labeled with skulls. And what is a house without a bed? This four-poster mini has a crackle finish that adds an eerie vibe, and there’s even a crib for a goth nursery and ghoulish night’s sleep.

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