Global Online Marketplace 1stdibs Makes Antique Shopping Easy

With the touch of your trackpad, luxury antiques from around the world can become yours to adore.

Photos courtesy 1stdibs

Rose quartz crystal bathtub made in Italy
Rose quartz crystal bathtub made in Italy

For all the Minnesota antique lovers, designers, and collectors out there: You no longer need to wonder about when, where, or how you’ll discover that unique find needed to complete your latest project. Adding those finishing touches doesn’t require a dreaded commute into the Twin Cities metro—in fact, it doesn’t even require getting out of bed.

Online luxury marketplace 1stdibs makes shopping for rare, sought-after antiques easier than ever by connecting the finest galleries and best antique dealers from around the world into a one-stop shop that never closes. Encompassing furniture, art, jewelry, and fashion, the marketplace offers vintage items from every corner of the world.

Tsar Nicholas II’s Winter Palace Armoire from 1895, $348,500

While many items land in the tens of thousands of dollars range, there are more than 118,000 items to be found under $1,200. At the same time, there are also those rare, few-and-far-between items that run for over $1 million—including a 1760 English rug and 1867 Italian rose quartz bathtub.

Whether it’s the Axminster rug, hand-carved tub, or something at a lower price point, you can make an easy online purchase. (Don’t get us wrong—we wouldn’t be surprised if you felt a little hesitant to hand over a hefty amount of cash like this over the internet—especially when it’s $26,000 for a polished brass Paavo Tynell chandelier or a steep $10.2 million for a Poltronova floor lamp.)  But if that must-have item happens to be listed as “negotiable,” you can make an offer (usually no more than 5-15 percent below original list price) to the seller, knocking a few thousand off your bill. For added perks and some much-needed peace of mind, 1stdibs offers guaranteed buyer protection—securing reputable, professional exchange services to ensure your satisfaction.

Made in Finland in 1953, this antique Paavo Tynell chandelier runs for $26,000.

The company offers more than just multi-million-dollar finds and buyer protection, though. Throughout the website, shoppers can dive into the must-know details of each and every item for sale, including its history and background, the designer, when and where it was made, its condition, wear, dimensions, and more. Newer custom works, interior design services, and the company’s blog “The Study” can also be found online.

Most recently, 1stdibs opened their first brick-and-mortar location at the Terminal Stores building in New York City, so next time you’re vacationing out east, make a stop into their 45,000-square-foot gallery. But until then, keep shopping from the comfort of your couch.

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