Furbo Dog Camera: Calming Homeowner and Puppy Separation Anxiety, One Treat at a Time

The nanny cam for dogs allows for peace of mind as pet-owners return to the office

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Photo by Postmodern Studio

If the pandemic had (has) any upside, it’s that we’re spending more time with our pets. For remote workers, that time is multiplied even further. In fact, according to the Washington Post, more than 23 million American households added to their family by adopting a pet during the first years of COVID. Now that some of us are returning to the office, separation anxiety looms. While our pandemic pups might exhibit some new, not-so-wonderful behaviors when we leave, it’s pet owners who may experience the most anxiety.

Furbo has the answer. The Furbo 360° Dog Camera allows homeowners to hear and speak with their dog—you can even toss them treats! “We started talking to more dog parents and discovered that they had this same pain of leaving their dogs at home alone,” says the company’s website. “They shared their stories with us about how they couldn’t bear to be apart from their dogs for too long, and they even skipped vacations because they couldn’t bring their dogs along. One dog parent’s comment really struck us: ‘Dogs spend most of their lives waiting for us at home.’”

Photo by ksuksa

The Furbo seeks to remedy that separation anxiety. Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Furbo’s auto-dog tracking feature automatically rotates to track pups as they move around the room in crystal clear Full HD 1080p vision with 4x digital zoom. It even has night vision. If your dog starts barking, which could mean an emergency, the user receives an alert and can immediately check on the pup.

The Furbo unit has a high-quality microphone with a built-in speaker, so homeowners can talk with their dog and actually “toss” them a treat. Because the Furbo records all your dog’s activities, homeowners can send cute clips to family and friends, never missing a moment. Furbo also gives back: Every purchase supports a rescue dog with food, healthcare, and training. To learn more about the company, their mission and products, visit furbo.com

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