Bria Hammel Curates A Holiday Collection that Spans the Seasons

The local interior designer avoids traditional Christmas clichés with geometric sconces, luxurious throws, and more

Photos courtesy Brooke & Lou

You won’t find a single Santa Claus figurine or ostentatiously bedecked Christmas tree in Brooke and Lou’s latest holiday collection. (Let’s all just breathe a sigh of relief.)

Pictured here: A smattering of items from Brooke & Lou’s latest holiday collection, perfect for dressing up your own home or gifting to a loved one during the most wonderful time of the year.

In the midst of holiday décor mania, interior designer Bria Hammel has eschewed the cliché Christmas designs. Instead, she’s curated a rich selection of items that convey a timeless warmth, comfort, and sense of joy. One can find vases, candles, blankets, ornaments, and wrapping paper for all to enjoy the entire winter season.

“I always take into consideration the longevity of an item, especially in Minnesota,” Hammel explains. “I wanted to make sure we had a collection that clients and customers could use throughout the late fall into early spring. The color palette might still say holiday, but we really focused on a layering of textures and patterns that convey warmth and comfort.”

Here’s what Hammel had to say about our favorites from the collection:

Brass geometric candle sconce and canister set: “The brass finish simply and automatically adds sparkle and shine without needing to have glittery over-the-top holiday décor.”

Green Tyna vases: “You can achieve the holiday season’s traditional green with these vases. Put simple fresh white flowers or greenery in them. They also stand on their own without needing anything in them.”

Winter Berry pillow: “Most of the pillows are printed and sewn in Minnesota.”

Woven tree collar: “Instead of a traditional tree skirt, this collar, made by hand with sustainably harvested rattan, adds texture.”

Flower stems: “Put floral stems in the tree for some lovely drama. They also add a fun play on scale.”

Bird ornaments: “These are a special addition to the collection this year. The feathers are long, incredibly beautiful, and silky. The birds are a velvet-like material. Put them on the tree or in a garland and let the feathers hang over the needles.”

Reeded tapers: “We had fun adding texture to our hand-molded candles, whether with reeding or a twist.”

Many of the items come with Hammel’s Life Friendly™ guarantee, meaning the fabrics can stand up to an array of mishaps ranging from red wine to cranberry sauce to ketchup. With that in mind, take your pick among dozens of designs and experiment with layering color and texture in your own winter décor. Shopping for a friend? Choose a luxurious throw or the perfect hostess gift—Hammel suggests the cream petal vase with fresh or dried stems.

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