Beyond Ornamental

These handcrafted ornaments are uniquely Minnesotan

Photo courtesy Adobe Stock/Gajus

1. Lake Superior Art Glass

Each piece created by Lake Superior Glass Art is a labor of love. Owner Dan Neff’s passion for both the art of glassblowing and the natural beauty of Northern Minnesota are reflected in these glass ornaments. From its shop near Duluth’s Canal Park, Lake Superior Glass Art also conducts classes and daily demonstrations on glassblowing.

2. Held Companies

Held Companies is a family-owned business that takes pride in its use of local materials. Their collection of wooden Christmas ornaments are crafted using laser cutting technology, and each design reflects the character of the North.

3. Designs by Peach

The Nordic influence in these handcrafted ornaments is as obvious as it is stunning. Owner Peach takes much of her inspiration from travels to Eastern Europe, most notably Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. The gorgeous landscapes on these ornaments are reminiscent of Minnesota winters.

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