Belt Publishing Releases New Book on Midwestern Architecture

If you’re looking to start your holiday shopping early, take a peek at architecture critic Alexandra Lange’s latest book, Midwest Architecture Journeys, a meditation on the forgotten architectural beauty of the Midwest. The book, set to be released mid-October by Belt Publishing, contains 30-plus essays from dozens of journalists, critics, and writers, and explores the nation’s most beloved buildings by architects Bruce Goff, Bertrand Goldberg, Lillian Leenhouts, and more.

For locals, this book will hit home. One essay explores the rich design of the Christ Church Lutheran in Minneapolis, where local artist Sophie Durbin details her first visit to the 1948 Eliel Saarinen structure. The compilation includes other Minnesota-centric essays, too, particularly the subterranean structures of the Twin Cities, historic Wright houses, and more. But beyond our borders, readers will venture through the architectural hubs of Chicago, Pittsburgh, Madison, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Columbus, and Cleveland.

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