5 Meditation-Focused Products to Achieve “Om” at Home

Our homes aren’t just for relaxing during nights and weekends anymore. We’re now working at home, maybe teaching online (our children, or perhaps yoga or pilates) at home, working out at home, and struggling to maintain some life balance within those four walls. Don’t forget to create a spot in which you can truly experience some down time. These online shops (some with curbside pickup) have just what you need to set up a meditation space in order to “om” at home.

Eye pillows: Several years ago, Maggie Dimmick left her New York fashion career and moved to Minneapolis to begin Ethel Studio. Dimmick, a textile designer, collects scraps of leftover fabric from other local makers to craft her zero-waste eye pillows and meditation cushions.

Essential oil diffuser: Naptime Aromatherapy in White Bear Lake offers a collection of ultrasonic diffusers to suit your style, as well as variety of essential oils for any mood.

Clearing herbs: Divine Time in Apple Valley can provide you with white sage or smudge kits for cleansing your space, as well as incense cones for preparing your senses.

Ayurvedic body oil: “Rubbing sweetly scented oils all over your precious body is always a surefire way to center yourself in the present, but even more so when the oils themselves are specially formulated according to a 7,000-year-old practice dedicated to balance, prevention, and self-healing,” according to The Foundry Home Goods’ website, where you can find ayurvedic tridoshic balancing body oil.

Sherpa blanket: After finishing your online yoga session, or while meditating, wrap yourself in one of Patina’s lush Sherpa or faux-fur blankets for a cozy end to your practice.

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