The Collective: Kimberly Tschida Petters

Landscape painter Kimberly Tschida Petters creates mesmerizing depictions of the spaces that surround us

Photos courtesy of Kimberly Tschida Petters

Tschida Petters’ minimalist landscapes dress up the walls of her studio.

Kimberly Tschida Petters found her signature style with a simple line of paint on a notecard, which soon led to the artist and business owner delighting Vandalia Street Press shoppers on Etsy with her prints and letterpress. But one night, paint met paper yet again and her love of landscape painting was renewed. Today, the horizons she depicts exceed the limitations of the work and one’s own imagination. Each view provides reflection and escape, and viewers of her art often experience a calmness and “memory recall” of forgotten horizons, lakes, and landscapes. She finds her inspiration on long drives that give her a chance to take in the wonder of the land and convene with music—especially Springsteen. As a dedicated Springsteen fan, she is motivated by not only his music but also his sense of drive and philosophy as a working artist—to stand on your own and be in charge of your work without backing down.

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