The Collective: Defiant Ceramics

Owner Kelly Paul creates pottery to bring a touch of flair to everyday moments

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Kelly Paul didn’t mesh with the art kids, and she didn’t vibe with the corporate world she left behind in 2019 either. This lack of belonging led to the inception of Defiant Ceramics—her Minneapolis-based hand-thrown pottery company inspired by the feeling of not quite fitting in. 

But it all started by following her calling to the potter’s wheel to be who she dreamed and make what she wanted. In this case, Paul wanted something simple: the perfect vessel for her bouquets. Today, she throws her small-batch ceramics in her home studio, creating work for those looking to add a chic touch of function and flair to everyday moments—from drinking morning coffee to perusing farmers’ market flowers. Her signature glaze, textures, and gold accents define her simple, practical approach to pottery that effortlessly breaks the mold and shatters traditional expectations. 

Mugs ($48 each), vases ($98 each), and handmade nesting bowls ($118 for a set of three) are all branded with Defiant Ceramics’ signature “pressed” look. Owner Kelly Paul also crafts planters and spoon crocks.

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