The Collective: Dan Hanes

Dan Hanes of Barntiques Custom creates structures that blend nature, whimsy, and meticulous craftsmanship

Photos courtesy Barntiques Custom

Dan Hines and one of his wooden sheds. Photo courtesy Barntiques Custom.
From left: Dan Hanes, the creator of Barntique Custom, and one of his creations, straight out of a woodland knoll

For 28 years, Dan Hanes led a fifth-grade classroom, driven by passion to teach both art and the notion that the best work doesn’t happen while seated at a desk. Now retired, Hanes spends his time designing and building rustic structures of wonder and whimsy beneath his signature curved roof, using reclaimed and recycled wood and material whenever possible. Playhouses, garden sheds, outhouses, and even chicken coops all come from his madcap mind to delight families across the Midwest. Hanes even includes special poems with his custom projects to christen the space for new owners. Above all, though, he is still a teacher, and his quirky craftsmanship reminds us that play is essential and the occasional escape to wonderland doesn’t hurt either.

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Another creation by Dan Hines of Barntiques Custom. Courtesy Barntiques Custom.

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