The Collective: Allison Johanson

Allison Johanson, Minnesota-local abstract painter, creates works inspired by nature and waterscapes from around the state

Photo by Michael Sheldon

Allison Johanson came to her craft when she needed art most in her life—to fill her home and to be creative. Johanson paints textured, abstract landscapes that add serenity and joy to any space. Her works are inspired by nature and waterscapes around Minnesota and her travels.

Since those first works she created, she has had solo shows and gallery representation but is most comfortable welcoming people into her Northrup King studio to share her creative space and works. A trained flautist, she approaches her studio painting with the same solitude of being in the practice room years ago. It isn’t until someone plays for an audience or shares their work that they discover the soul and story of the work and creator. There is something lyrical in Johanson’s work that reminds us to pause and reflect on the art we choose to hang in our spaces and those pleasures we discover along the way.

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