Anna Christian’s Style Exudes Scandi Sophistication

For photographer, designer, and influencer Anna Christian, a simple home makes for an intentional one

Photos by Wing Ho

The Scandinavian-inspired living room in Anna Christian’s home showcases her statement-making style.

“I like to say I’ve been an artist since I could hold a crayon,” Anna Christian says. So, after an 11-year career in nursing, she took the jump to be at home, raise her three boys, and showcase her multitude of talents to the world—hence the start of her lifestyle brand, Call it Christian.

Purchasing their first home in 2009, Christian and her husband, Cash, embarked on their first remodeling journey. “Going through that first complete remodel, all I could think was, ‘I love this. This is my passion,’” she recalls. Over the last 10 years, they have lived in five homes—three of which were custom—learning first-hand what works and what doesn’t. As a lover of simplistic, Scandinavian-inspired design, Anna weaves her Swedish and Norwegian roots into every aspect of her home. She explains, “I think when you’re moving every two years, you naturally like to keep the things you love and get rid of things you don’t,” lending to her “one thing in, one thing out” philosophy.

With a penchant for meaningful decor, she creates spaces that foster connection and special moments with her family of five. By curating a collection of personal pieces that adorns every spare surface of her home, she has built a treasure trove of cherished items she truly loves. “In having a simplistic home,” she says, “every single item you look at or use needs to have meaning or value.”

Downstairs, a bespoke fireplace infuses the room with holiday cheer and provides a warm backdrop for gatherings.

This yearning for an unfussy, edited look translates to other aspects of her family’s lifestyle. With three busy boys and a menagerie of animals to care for, Anna prioritizes experiences over physical things—and her home’s main living area acts as the perfect representation. The heart of the home, the living space was intentionally crafted with connection in mind. “When we all gather in there, there isn’t a TV on in the background. It’s just us talking,” she explains. This only compounds during the holiday season.

In fact, in the Christian household, Christmas Eve encapsulates Anna’s minimalist philosophy in its purest form. She says, “We do lots of candles, have warm drinks, and light a fire … that’s where you see the true, slow moments.”

The primary bedroom is a sanctuary of simplicity, making it the perfect place of respite to relax after a long day.

What is your biggest tip for nailing your “simple modern” holiday aesthetic?

Strip down [the] house, pare everything back, and get rid of the clutter. Just add things slowly and enjoy the process.

What’s your favorite spot for holiday decor?

It’s called the woods—literally! I typically forage a ton of greens and make our garlands, while our other decor, such as pomegranates and nuts, is very organic.

Do you have any design pet peeves?

One of my biggest pet peeves is too much carpet. Our entire house is either wood or concrete. It also drives me crazy when cabinetry isn’t pulled up to the ceiling.

What’s next on your project list?

We are planning an outbuilding. We have a darling chicken coop in the backyard that has been such a hit on Instagram, and now we want to add cattle.

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