‘STILL: The Art of Noticing’ Delivers Over a Decade of Daily Discoveries

Artist Mary Jo Hoffman’s 12-year photo project culminates in her new book, “STILL: The Art of Noticing”

Photo courtesy of Monacelli

Amid the chaos of life, we rarely take the time to slow down, stop, and be still, which Minnesota-based Mary Jo Hoffman has long tried to remedy through her blog, STILL. Since 2012, Hoffman has documented her discoveries in nature by taking photographs daily, which now, 12 years later, has resulted in a treasure trove of beautiful photographs encompassing often overlooked, seemingly mundane objects. This daily ritual provided her a means of grounding, connecting, and appreciating “life as a work of art,” as Hoffman notes on her Instagram.

Now, over 275 of these images, along with six essays delving into the depths of her creative process, are being compiled into the 318-page book, “STILL: The Art of Noticing.” So, whether you’re looking for a new coffee table accessory to share with guests or are simply seeking to explore a newfound appreciation for the world around you, this decade-plus project offers intentionality and reprieve from the busy routines we’ve grown accustomed to.

The book is now available for pre-order on Amazon and Monacelli, and will be released in bookstores worldwide on May 1.


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