She Shed Style

When the ‘she shed’ trend first started appearing, Sue Whitney didn’t immediately pounce on the idea. Instead, the founder of DIY and repurposing brand JUNKMARKET sat back and watched the craze take off before deciding to fine-tune it to not only fit her style, but better serve the needs of women around the country by producing their perfect getaways. Now, she’s sold. So much so, in fact, that she recently published her philosophy last year with her book Junk Beautiful: She Sheds. “The beauty of what I do is that you’re not copying a style; you’re creating your own style,” Whitney says.

Style—and styling—comes easy to Whitney due to her own personal thrifting experience. When designing these spaces, she says flea market finds and unconventional materials are solid choices, especially since vintage goods are already weathered and can often withstand the not-so-perfect conditions of a smaller outdoor structure.

Since the publishing of her book, Whitney has developed even more tips and tricks to help Minnesotans design their spaces, encouraging individuals to focus on the intended purpose and function of their shed, whether as a space to drink wine and unwind or to use as a creative studio. She also suggests prepping the shed for Minnesota weather by adding insulation and finding a proper heat source. Her final piece of advice? Don’t over-decorate.

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