Sarah’s Cottage Creations’ Tips for a Beautiful Backyard This Spring

Sarah Buerkley of Sarah’s Cottage Creations digs up her top three outdoor trends to try this spring

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Grow Your Own Flowers

“Instagram influencers are leading the trend for fresh flowers in the home and in the garden,” Buerkley says. “This phenomenon is fueled by the fact that most flowers in the United States are shipped from other countries, grown using chemicals and not-so-green practices. There are many influencers on Instagram selling flowers and [teaching] how to grow them.” Her tips? Simply add a raised bed to the sunny side of your yard, plant some seeds or starter plants in the spring, and watch them grow. “Along the way, you can connect online with so much ‘how-to’ information and reap the ultimate harvest in the fall,” she adds.

Outdoor Lights

“Outdoor lighting is a trend that truly began in Arizona many years ago,” she says. “We in Minnesota are seeing it gaining attention and expect it to be a basic add-on in any landscape renovation. Low-voltage installations are very common and create that glow at night to warm up the entryway or patio of the home. The products on the market are high-quality, most boasting lifetime warranties on the fixtures. Whether you are installing or hiring it out, outdoor lighting is where it’s at.”

Less Lawn, More Groundcovers

“The trend for chemical-free is hot!” Buerkley continues. “Everyone knows that a lush, green lawn requires so many chemicals and so much water, causing it to be harmful to the environment. Many people are looking into environmentally conscious options, such as massed groundcovers to replace the lawn for a healthier environment and less maintenance. Some hardworking plants to consider are creeping sedums, ornamental grasses, clover, and no-mow fescue seed.”

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