Five Ways to Pretty Up Your Patio

Revitalize your outdoor space with these simple-yet-sophisticated additions

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The patterned pouf and rattan chair are accented by the wire lanterns.
This patterned pouf and rattan chair are accented by the wire lanterns.

From light fixtures that double as art pieces to functional yet striking seating, there are countless ways to enhance your outdoor patio. With summer rolling in, we already know you’ll never want to leave, so throw these easy items into the mix for a revamped look you’re sure to love.


A funky serving platter, ambient light fixtures, or patterned pillows can quickly elevate a basic patio. If muted tones are subduing your space’s vibe, some color-popping accent pillows can bring a renewed energy to the area. Adding a bit more nature never hurts either, and a unique planter, potted tree, or fresh flowers will make your space feel more breathable. And for those late-night grill-outs and bonfires, soft lighting from hanging lanterns will create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your friends and family.


This black and white geometric carpet adds a modern touch.
This black and white geometric carpet adds a modern touch to the space.

To soften up the hard surfaces of your patio, add a throw rug or carpet tiles. A bright, patterned rug will make your space more dynamic, while a more understated choice provides cohesion and may help tie in your other patio décor. Be sure to find carpet that is meant to go outdoors, though, so it can endure not only the wear and tear of your patio parties, but also the oft-inclement weather of Minnesota summers.


A hanging chair brings playfulness to your patio.

Where to begin? From wicker chairs, macramé hammocks, swing chairs, daybeds, lounge chairs, and sectional couches, it’s safe to say you have options. For a touch of flair, a lacy hammock and a woven egg-shaped chair are excellent choices for a relaxed vibe, plus they’re a great place to spend a lazy day reading in the sun. If afternoon naps are more your thing, a chaise or daybed may be your best bet. Have some extra room? A sectional couch or patio set can naturally break up the space, but if you’re not going with a set, be aware of how your materials will mix and match.

  • Relax in some of our favorite seating options like this cotton hammock accented by hand-crocheted detailing available on AllModern, or swing away in Anthropologie’s latticed hanging chair.


A yellow pouf brings color and character to this patio.

These squishy adornments will add playfulness to your patio. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so there are plenty of options for all design tastes. We’d recommend finding a pair in a pretty accent color or complementary pattern to draw the eye without detracting from your patio’s overall aesthetic. Just make sure it’s comfy and durable, because it will see plenty of use as another seating option or table surface for kids and adults alike.


Pergolas look beautiful in any outdoor space, but they’re also functional. They provide a small amount of shade, and you can hang curtains, weave through lights, or simply leave your pergola open and airy. But no matter which you choose, it will create a private, secluded feel your guests will love. Pergolas instill a concept of rooms and provide structure, so be conscientious of how you want your patio layout to feel when choosing where to put yours. Depending on the size, it can be a good place to put your patio dining set or a daybed.

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