Outdoor Accessory Necessities

Summer chillin’

An outdoor accessory picture featuring a white deck chair with a tray of beverages and umbrella next to water.
(Josh Grubbs)

Lake, sun, cold drinks, chic accessories… perfection! Black-and-white umbrella, $48.99, black tilting frame and pole, $37.79, World Market  //  Black-and-white outdoor ottoman, $40.62, wood planter, $24.37, outdoor blanket, $19.44, outdoor pillow, $15.71, and Fever Tree Ginger Beer, $5.99, Target  //  Giant inflatable swan, $27.99, Family Leisure  //  White-washed tray, $19.99, black-and-white enameled ice bucket, $16.99, Mercury speaker, $39.99, striped beach towel, $12.99, and silver glitter beach ring, $9.99, HomeGoods  //  Acrylic pitcher and set of 4 stackable tumblers, $26, West Elm  //  Seaside Casual White MADirondack chair, $639, Peters Billiards

Photo by Josh Grubbs + styled by Mickie Clark. Location courtesy Highmark Builders

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