myBackyardStudio Launches Three Designs for Backyard Getaways

The Brooklyn Park-based company creates endless lifestyle extensions for homeowners with backyard studios designed for working out, learning, and more

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The pandemic certainly accelerated the need for private and quiet space in which to work, study, practice yoga, or simply get away and relax—without leaving home. myBackyardStudio, the sister company of Twin Cities-based experiential agency STAR, has addressed that need with three home studio solutions for homeowners. The company’s three designs—ArtisanPrairie, and Rustica—allow customers to create a custom-sized backyard getaway. With the prefab production facility located in Brooklyn Park, the company is ready to go and even offering free shipping through December 31. We connected with founder and CEO Mark Johnson about his exciting new venture.

How did you create your three designs?

We see each model as a distinct and contemporary design. Our design team reviewed architectural trends and identified emotional connections to textures and finishes. Rustica was inspired by the outdoors/nature and brings in natural wood finishes. In Artisan, we identified elements of traditional craftsmanship. The inspiration for Prairie was contemporary and clean-lined features. We have additional designs we’ll introduce in 2021 as well.

How do you see homeowners using the studios?

myBackyardStudio creates endless lifestyle extensions for homeowners. We specifically focused on myOffice, myGym, myClassroom, and mySanctuary as these aspects have been the most disrupted parts of our normal lives. The ability to redefine your new normal has been critically important. Each of these lifestyle collections is fully customizable, allowing a homeowner to self-imagine their own escape.

Why now?

We created and started myBackyardStudio as we assessed the impact of the global pandemic on our core trade show and live events business. Our core competencies of design and manufacturing of semi-permanent and permanent structures make myBackyardStudio a natural extension of our business. STAR has a 28-year history in award-winning programs in large-scale trade shows, live events, retail environments, and corporate interiors for Fortune 100 companies.

Earlier this summer, we built a temporary grocery store—from initial design to fully operational in two-and-a-half weeks—for Cub Foods. The pandemic has accelerated existing trends of work-from-home. We heard continually from clients, peers, and suppliers about the fatigue of working remotely: the lack of quality workspace, daily distractions, and finding work-life balance. We further see the disruption in distance learning and access to outside-the-home fitness and wellness options. Clients, and those in our professional networks, were beginning to ask for solutions given their previous experience working with STAR.

myBackyardStudio, myOffice, myGym, myClassroom, and mySanctuary are trademarked entities.

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