Loll Designs + bläanks: Elevate Your Outdoor Living With Fall Collaboration

Duluth’s Loll Designs announces a new collaboration with bläanks: a collection of machine-washable, contract-grade outdoor furniture accessories including throws and pillows

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Loll Designs is a Duluth-based company that specializes in the design and production of all-weather outdoor furniture and accessories. One of its core values is sustainability, recycling over 88% of its manufacturing waste in addition to using recyclable plastics in its product production.

This commitment to sustainability (in tandem with its love for the outdoors) led the company to bläanks—a female-owned textile company from Los Angeles. Founded in 2017, bläanks has delivered high-quality products for the hospitality community. Bläanks’ core value of knitting indoor and outdoor machine-washable pillows and throws with zero waste proved that the partnership was a perfect match.

The collection features outdoor throws and pillows that come in four new colorways and exclusive new textures, curated in thought to complement Loll’s nine outdoor furniture colors. Designed to seamlessly personalize outdoor spaces, the products provide cozy textures and soothing colors to assure comfort no matter the season. As fall approaches, incorporation of these accessories is a simple way to bring warmth and personality to porches and patios alike.

Judy Pokonosky and Suss Cousins, owners of bläanks, explain that “Loll’s mission and design aesthetic as well as manufacturing in the USA with recycled materials lines up with all the things we love and practice at bläanks. Their brand tenets really spoke to us.”

Using only original designs and unique materials, Loll’s goal is to create high-quality and innovative products that can be used in a variety of environments. In fact, in the past 17 years, more than 135 million milk jugs have been recycled into its furniture. To contribute further to its eco-friendly mission, all of Loll’s production is based in the USA, significantly reducing its carbon footprint.

The bläanks and Loll Designs collaboration can be found exclusively through Loll Designs’ website and is available to shop now.

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