Fashionable Porch Styling for Fall

These simple, stylish strategies are sure to spruce up your porch for the season

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With the unpredictability of Midwest seasons, fall often gives the impression of passing by—simply posing as a transitory period before winter. Because of this, we find ourselves packing away summer pieces just in time for the winter season. While it is sometimes overlooked in terms of seasonal decor, fall provides the perfect excuse to spruce up your front porch space. Here are a few ways of personalizing your home’s exterior amidst the leaves changing color.

Fall Foliage
Everyone loves mums for the fall season, but there are other options for porch decor plants including spirea, ruffled kale, and grapevine. If you are seeking other flowers for display, marigolds and sunflowers are excellent options. Incorporating fall foliage into porch assemblies also opens opportunities for how to display them—whether using old wooden boxes and crates or old apple baskets.

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Custom Signs
Fall signs for the front door are the perfect way to add a touch of personality to your porch. Setting items on stairs and entry paths is crucial to a well-rounded fall display, but incorporating signs is a simple way to occupy vertical space. To complement the season, using wood materials achieves a rustic feel.

Pumpkin Arrangements
Instead of displaying pumpkins and gourds in the typical side-by-side fashion, start stacking these fall favorites. Pumpkins come in so many unique shapes, colors, and sizes—the perfect setting for a bouquet of sorts. Whether constructing an arrangement in an old wagon, wheelbarrow, cart, or bushel basket, it brings a unique twist to classic fall decor.

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Hay Bales
Bringing texture and dimension to a porch display is a unique way of elevating the space. Hay bales bring height to the porch and can be used as decor items both on their own, as well as a means of boosting other pieces like pumpkins or plants—bringing rustic charm to the front of your home. These come in different sizes and can be places in a variety of ways—have fun with it!

Layering Welcome Mats
Walking into retail stores during autumn, you’re bound to see endless fall-themed welcome mats—an effortless way of bringing fall to your front door. To give it an upgrade, layering mats adds depth the the entry. For the fall season, opt for a neutral mat underneath with a fall theme on top. Plaid and stripes are great first-layer options.

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Implementing corn stalks into fall porch decor is a simple way of adding height and symmetry to the display. A great way to achieve this is to frame the door with the stalks, using twine to keep them upright. Ears of Indian corn are great filler decorations as well, seamlessly adding colorful accents to the display.

Wheelbarrows and Wagons
Wheelbarrows and wagons have the capability to act as rustic holders for fall arrangements. You can fill them with ears of corn, leaves, pumpkins, pinecones, and more—endless options for creativity await.

Nothing says fall like scarecrows. They are a fun way of adding festivity to a space, no matter the aesthetic you are looking to achieve. Elegance and charm are good to strive for in decorations, but quirkiness and personality are crucial to making a space your own. Place a life-size scarecrow next to the door as a statement piece, or place a smaller one amidst other decorations.

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Wooden Lanterns
To go along with the rustic nature of fall, old wood is a beautiful material to include. Wooden lanterns present a rustic, nostalgic feel, playing into the farmhouse vibe.

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