A Modern, Classic Escape by Southview Design

This backyard renovation by Southview Design maximizes outdoor living with an intimate patio, large play space, and more

Photos by Drew Gray Photography

An active family of six desperately needed a backyard upgrade, and they knew they wanted a large play space (with plenty of room for their budding soccer, lacrosse, and hockey players), a generous dining area with a farm table, and more practically, a functional drainage system. Southview Design was more than eager to take the former space—not much more than a sloping lawn and bare concrete patio—and give it a lasting transformation that met the family’s needs.

To create a modern patio with a classic American lawn, Southview landscape designer Alyson Landmark was guided by the principles of symmetry, repetition, balance, and clean lines. Major changes needed to take place to create a level canvas for the lawn, and soon after, patio construction began. The result is a space that combines the functions of a dining room and sitting area, complete with a propane fire table and gorgeous surrounding greenery.

Considering, it’s no surprise this backyard is a 2021 MNLA Landscape Award winner. But for Landmark, something that tops recognition from fellow industry professionals is knowing her clients enjoy their new spaces. “Number one is knowing we’ve given our clients exactly what they hoped for.”




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