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The Rising Popularity of Pickleball Courts

Photo courtesy of Sport Court Minnesota

Using cutting-edge materials and technologies to guarantee peak performance, safety, and comfort alike, Bloomington-based Sport Court Minnesota specializes in athletic court construction, including pickleball courts—an increasingly popular outdoor amenity.

“We have always offered and built pickleball courts, but these past four years have significantly impacted our overall business,” says Craig Jones, owner. “Our average-size court before the craze of pickleball was 25 by 45 feet—now [it’s] 30 by 60 feet or larger. … We design the courts for multiuse. Not only can [homeowners] play pickleball, but the net also adjusts up to badminton and volleyball, and we almost always incorporate a basketball hoop on the court as well,” he continues. “The popularity of pickleball is not going away any time soon. It is such an easy sport to play, encourages interaction with your kids, and gets them off their screens. The added bonus is Mom and Dad now can entertain their friends on the court, too!” –Katelyn Bloomquist

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Photo courtesy of Heidi's GrowHaus & Lifestyle Gardens

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