2022 Ideas to Steal: Exteriors

What’s found outside reflects what’s within—that’s why these exterior touches are worth the extra investment
Design by PKA Architecture, photo by Spacecrafting

Mixing It Up

First impressions are everything, so why not make yours unforgettable from the sidewalk? Get creative with your approach to exterior siding selections. Integrate vertical and horizontal options in both wide and narrow widths, choose multiple materials, and opt for various colors for a look like none other on the block.

Design by Murphy & Co. Design, photo by Spacecrafting

A Time-Worn Touch

We all need gutters, so why not select the best of the best? John Kraemer of John Kraemer & Sons suggests considering a copper material. “Not only do these gutters provide important functionality by moving water away from a home, but they also provide a beautiful architectural aesthetic that withstands the test of time,” says Kraemer. “Although bright and shiny after installation, copper gutters dull and patina over the years—providing a time-worn aesthetic many of our clients appreciate on their custom homes.”

Design by Swan Architecture, photo by LandMark Photography

Amazing Archways

Add a touch of global flair to your abode with a double archway—a design element sure to leave family and friends in awe as they enter and (begrudgingly) exit your home. Swan Architecture pulls it off best and demonstrates its architectural chops in this stunning Edina project, defined by its high-contrast color palette and statement-making silhouette from the curb.

Design by JMAD James McNeal Architecture & Design, photo by Spacecrafting

Limestone’s The Look

Instead of (or in addition to) an engineered wood, fiber cement, or steel siding, consider the aesthetic and functional benefits of limestone. A warm and inviting material that’s easy to pair with nearly any other color, limestone is versatile—able to pull off both rustic and refined looks you’ll certainly love.

Design by Nguyen Architects, photo by Tan Nguyen

Sweet, Sweet Solar

Protecting our planet will never go out of style. Reduce your carbon footprint, knock down your energy bill, gain energy independence, reap free incentives, and enjoy the return of your investment by installing solar panels. Consider All Energy Solar, Sun Badger Solar, or TruNorth Solar for your solar needs.

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