About Us:

Mingle is an award-winning home design showroom featuring inspiring and exciting solutions for every room in the home. Talented kitchen and bath designers, experienced product specialists, and on-site partner, Studio M Interiors, collaborate with clients to create spaces that are functional and beautiful. Conveniently located in Plymouth and open to the public, Mingle takes the stress out of home, kitchen, and bath design.

Our Team:

The Mingle showroom offers just a taste of the exciting possibilities that await. The key to unlocking these possibilities is working with one of our experienced kitchen and bath designers. Our team has the expertise to understand your vision and budget and create beautiful, functional spaces that reflect your unique style. We help clients develop customized floor plans and elevations, as well as assist with product selections. We also take the stress out of the construction process by working closely with your contractor throughout the installation.

Design for All Ages:

Many of our clients ask for living-in-place features that make their kitchens and baths fully functional for anyone, regardless of their age or physical ability. Easily added features for the kitchen include pull-out cabinetry, variable height counters, seated work areas, and task lighting. For the bath, curbless showers, hand-held or adjustable showerheads, and built-in seating are popular design elements. Our designers are experienced in applying these and many other living-in-place features throughout the home.

Plymouth • 763-717-8500

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