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Sven Gustafson

2014 Home Highlights: Stonewood LLC

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Every element throughout this 6,500-square-foot cottage-style lake home in Orono, from the black walnut flooring to the pantry disguised as cabinetry, exudes the keen eye for detail that builder Sven Gustafson, owner of Stonewood LLC, is known for. In addition to high-quality construction, clients appreciate Sven’s humble nature, quick wit, diplomatic communication skills, and long history with homebuilding: his dad taught him the ropes.

It’s clear that Sven inherited his dad’s artistic nature, whether he’s building a Tudor-style estate or a custom lake home. In this home, a teardown, it was important to convey a sense of connection between the indoors and outdoors, achieved through a 20-foot retractable wall in the living room, bi-fold glass doors in the office, and private veranda. The homeowners will wake up with great views, and go to bed with great views—the ultimate goal of building your dream home on lakefront property. A nautical theme further complements the locale.

On the main level, the modern kitchen seamlessly blends with the rest of the home’s architecture in the open floor plan. The spacious upper level houses the bedrooms, laundry, and bonus room, while the lower level is meant for free time, with an exercise room, game room (complete with video games and skeet ball), home theater, guest suite, and wine cellar.

In an effort to pay homage to the past, the homeowners used wainscoting from the walls of the previous home. The wainscoting creates a beautiful formal look while preserving a little piece of history for future generations.

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