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Why should someone build with you? What’s your “edge?”

We offer a turnkey process, from finance to land selection, architectural design, interior design, and landscaping. With such diverse experience in different areas, in addition to working with accomplished architects and designers, our team provides a well-rounded perspective to help our clients navigate the homebuilding process.

Do you use any unique products?

Our main focus in looking for ecologically and environmentally-smart products while analyzing and understanding the costs and benefits.

What factors are most important when working with suppliers?

Experience/craftsmanship, reliability, and a competitive price structure.

What steps should a homeowner take before selecting a builder?

Analyze “wants” and “needs,” think about goals,
and then start collecting ideas. Once you’ve put together an ideabook, seek a builder who can bring these components together while staying within your budget.

What are some trends you’re noticing in the marketplace now as far as new construction?

More and more homeowners value quality over quantity, with a special emphasis on attention to detail. Home offices are decreasing in size (or going away altogether), A/V systems are more elaborate, and sports courts are bigger and better than ever.

How many luxury homes do you build annually? 

We build eight to 10 high-end luxury homes per year.

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