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Ryan Hanson, partner, and Chad Hanson, partner; Sustainable 9
Ryan Hanson, partner, and Chad Hanson, partner

Erica Loeks

For more than 18 years, the Hanson family has been building, designing, and remodeling environmentally friendly homes in their signature “Minnesota Modern” style. Sustainable 9 homes are designed with a modern aesthetic, eco-friendly materials, high-performance building techniques, and superb air quality. Their designs often include NO-VOC paints and adhesives, recycled plastic and glass construction materials, reclaimed wood, whole home fresh air ventilation systems, and high-efficiency mechanical systems and appliances.

Sustainable 9 strongly believes that its clients shouldn’t have to sacrifice function or form in order to build a high-performance home, and they prove that time and time again: In June 2018, Sustainable 9 finished a 10,000-square-foot home that achieved the only Zero Energy Ready certification in Minnesota that year. Their other designs have included sustainable features such as solar panels, green roofs, LED lighting throughout, a 16-foot spa-like shower, and a glass-enclosed conservatory.

As the company has grown, its focus on modern design and environmentalism has never wavered. Every team member not only shares those values, but also a commitment to people. Partner and co-owner Ryan Hanson states, “We take great pride in building a client’s dream home to their exact specifications, all while educating them on how to make their new home that much more high performing and healthy, but while being mindful of their budget.”

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