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Tom Budzynski, owner; TJB Homes
Tom Budzynski, owner

Meghan Doll

Not only has TJB Homes done two “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” shows, but they’ve also built a great reputation in the Twin Cities for their quality, creativity, and energy efficient features. “We’re concerned about the ‘wow’ factor—we don’t want to deliver a plain Jane, run-of-the-mill box house—we want it to be exciting, fun, and creative,” says owner Tom Budzynski. “We don’t want to make it ‘just another house,’ but a house you’ll love for a lifetime.”

After completing his time in the service, Budzynski worked in real estate and house flipping until he started TJB Homes in 1980. His extensive knowledge of cold-climate building (keeping the heat or cool air in a home) provides a unique perspective during new construction projects. He discovered the method nearly 30 years ago and has now perfected the art of creating super tight, energy-efficient homes that greatly reduce heating bills. The first houses TJB Homes built had double 2×4 walls, then the team discovered that the vapor barrier was more vital than the insulation, leading to the development of the TJB Super Energy Design home.

TJB Homes believes in building simply green to lessen their carbon footprint without overspending its clients’ budgets. TJB Homes is small enough to give its clients personalized attention, yet large enough to provide competitive pricing from suppliers.

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