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For more than 15 years, award-winning Divine Custom Homes has started its building process with each client in the same fashion. Led by president Jeff Warren, the highly experienced team sits down with the client and walks them through the entire process from start to finish, running through timelines, the client’s priorities, and aesthetic styles. The team gets to know the client and their idea of the perfect home. And most importantly, the client gets to know Divine Custom Homes, so they never have a second of uncertainty.

And while architectural designer Tami Sherman personalizes every home to the people who will live in it, the company ensures memorable features, energy-efficient systems, and great attention to detail with each project. As Warren puts it, “she’s our secret weapon.”

A true mark of Divine Custom Homes’ dedication to impeccably designed and crafted homes, the firm was able to thrive during the housing crisis due to their trusted relationships with builders and suppliers. Similar to their own value added approach and disciplines, the company expects not only quality and scrutiny from their suppliers, but also the same level of service and follow through they give their own clients. From start to finish, Divine Custom Homes puts the clients first and makes sure everything meets not only the clients’ standards, but their own incredibly high ones as well. Warren says, “It’s a must that clients say, ‘Wow,’ each time they step into their new home.”

Photo of Jeff Warren and Tami Sherman of Divine Custom Homes
Jeff Warren, president, and Tami Sherman, architectural designer (Erica Loeks)


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