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Rebecca Remick & Chris Malooly, City Homes
Rebecca Remick, principal/general manager, and Chris Malooly, general contractor

Meghan Doll

City Homes has been delivering high-end, luxury homes in the Minneapolis area since 2009, providing unparalleled customer service and impeccable attention to detail on all aspects of their projects, including development, custom-building, and design. Current and past clients appreciate the dedication of City Homes’ design and building experts from the beginning stages of the development process to the detailed finishes that transform a building site into home sweet home.

City Homes builds 12 to 15 custom and remodeled homes for clients every year, with a large footprint in the Edina area and the western suburbs. As the residential marketplace has changed over time, the company has positioned itself as an expert in “right-sizing.” Homeowners have become accustomed to down-sizing based on their changing lifestyles, and City Homes has the design ideas to fit its clients’ needs now and in the future. Luxury condos have also had a resurgence and City Homes has jumped into this market, allowing once again for more options to its clients.

The Hoffman family remarked on how delighted they were to work with City Homes on their recently completed custom house: “The entire experience was engaging, positive, and transparent—even during the challenging decisions. We were so impressed with the team and how they navigated us through the process. We love our home and are proud to be in the City Homes family.”

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